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Members of Parliament and People´s expectations

New big time is coming. The role of parliament is being challenged externally. People are actively watching whether members of parliament will star to use their mandate for the first time in the history of the country. We are all sure that they are not going to repeat the mistakes they were doing for 27 years. They are expected to regret because of their previous mistakes arise from weak exercising of their mandate given to them by the constitution and they were directly playing the role of executive rather than standing for people and ruling out whatever deems against equality and basic human rights. The members of the parliament are known by approving every decision made by ruling party. The trends of disqualifying injustice policies have never seen before and considered as a sin. But now, enough is enough. The reality is speaking out by itself, it is the time that they are expected to ensure that they are really representing the interests of people whom they are supposed to represent. People’s expectations are straightforward, no options needed, no room left for members of parliament to be on side of killer any more.

The members of parliament are extremely exposed and can be seen by peoples whom they are representing. As before people may not know who is representing them in parliament, but now the paradigm is shifting dramatically, the gap is closing and Qerros are contacting them directly and telling them to oppose the state of emergency that systematically drafted to revenge the successful movements of Qerro. The current state of emergency is nothing to do with order and peace restoration as they proposed, it is clearly known and drafted to kill more as much as possible since the command post is given the right to do so. What is seen after the release of prominent political prisoners like Dr.Marara Gudina and Bekele Gerba draw the new attention of their supports and Qerro extending their gratitude and appreciation for these politicians. So , it is a stressful moment to TPLF and no mean to get relief rather than declaring such repressive and  urgent state of emergency.

In general, despite military intimidation, Qerro patiently waiting for critical day of parliamentary meeting on March 01.2018 and it is a time for members of parliament to show their genuine representativeness by disqualifying state of emergency.